First Presencial Meeting

 USP, São Paulo, Brazil, February 21st2013


The first presential meeting of ELECONProject took place at theUniversity of São Paulo (USP) on February 21st, and it was attended by all the involved institutions.


From  USP – Prof. José Aquiles Grimoni, Prof. Nelson Kagan and Adriana Cruz (PhD student); from IFSC – Prof. Ademar Rosa, Prof. Samuel Abreu, Prof. Rubipiara Fernandes; from UFSC Prof. Jacqueline Rolim; from UNESP– Prof. André Souza, Prof. Agnel Marotta Cassula, Prof. Guilherme Eugênio Fernandes Filippo Filho, Prof. Oscar Maldonado; from IPP – Prof. Zita Vale, Prof. Isabel Praça, Engr. Pedro Faria (PhD student), Engr. Filipe Fernandes (MSc student); from OVGUInes Hauer (PhD student), and from INP Grenoble, via teleconference – Prof. Raphael Caire.


The first meeting was important in order to clarify some questions, to define dates for upcoming secondments and to align communication strategies related to dissemination of work resulting from the project.


 During the stay at USP, ELECON project members had the chance to visit some of the USP laboratories, such as the “Center for Regulation and Power Quality Studies”, the “High Voltage Laboratory” and the “National Institute of Science and Technology of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Amazon”. This visit was guided by Prof. José Aquiles,Prof. Nelson Kagan and Prof.Carlos Tahan.


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