Seminars 2014

"ELECON - Achievements and next steps", Pedro Faria, IPP, 20 of December 2014

"ELECON smart grid data repository", Filipe Fernandes, IPP, 19 of December 2014

"Desenvolvimentos realizados no MASCEM no âmbito do ELECON", Tiago Pinto / Gabriel Santos, IPP, 18 of December 2014

"Aspetos de mercado e regulação - Inserção de microredes, micro e mini geração", Rubipiara Fernandes, IPP, 17 of December 2014

"Colloquies Chair Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy Sources III", Prof. Z. Styczynski, IPP, OVGU, 10 of December 2014

"Discussion of Master thesis regarding fuel cells"Prof. Z. Styczynski, OVGU, 25 of November 2014

"Colloquies Chair Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy Sources II"Prof. Z. Styczynski, OVGU, 13 of November 2014

"Colloquies Chair Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy Sources I", Prof. Z. Styczynski, OVGU, 23 of October 2014

"Technical meeting about optimization of the local grid of the GreEn-ER buildgin", Daniel Tenfen / B. Delinchan, 15 of October 2014

"Seminar on optimization of big size (many parameters and constraints) in grids", Daniel Tenfen, INP, 1 of October 2014

"Brazilian Electric sector and its integration of renewables", Alcydes / Matheus, IPP, 26 of September, 2014

"Characterization of Power Quality Transient Events using Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing", V. Vega García, OVGU, 25 of September, 2014

"Technical and economical Analysis of the distribution grid Grenoble", Victor Gouin, USP, 26 of July, 2014

"Load shedding taking into account renewable energy sources", André Richter, USP, 25 of July, 2014

"Measures for voltage stability in distribution grids", Justo José Roberts, USP, 27 of June, 2014

"Failure detection in power systems", João Soares, USP, 13 of June, 2014

"Consumer control in Smart Grids", Justo José Roberts, OVGU, 10 of June, 2014

"Gestão de Recursos Distribuídos em Smart Grids Considerando Veículos Elétricos", João Soares, POLI/USP, 21 of May, 2014

"Domestic Consumer Management with Optimization", Filipe Fernandes, POLI/USP, 21 of May, 2014

"Sistema Solar Fotovoltaico Laboratório ENERQ-USP: Planta Piloto", Valdomiro García, POLI/USP, 24 of March, 2014

"Projeto Estruturante Eletropaulo Digital - Smart Home", Tiago Poles de Souza, POLI/USP, 24 of March, 2014

"Intelligent Decision-Making for Smart Home Energy Management", Heider BerlinkPOLI/USP, 24 of March, 2014

"Research directions - ERM in SGs and Integration of Energy and Transportation Systems", João SoaresPOLI/USP, 24 of March, 2014

"Energy Resources Management of the End Consumers", Filipe FernandesPOLI/USP, 24 of March, 2014

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