São Paulo, Brazil, April 2013


The IEEE ISGT Latin America 2013 was co-organized by one of ELECON project Partners of –University of São Paulo (USP).


 A total of 5 papers including results from the work developed in the field of the ELECON project were presented in oral sessions by ELECON team members form UNESP and IPP. Two of these presentations regard publications resulting from the cooperation between UNESP-Bauru and IPP and occurred in a session co-chaired by Prof. André Souza from UNESP-Bauru.


 The referred publications, listed below, were presented by Pedro Faria, Filipe Fernandes, and Caio Ramos.





The paper titled “A Data Mining Framework for Electric Load Profiling” was presented in a session dedicated to “Intelligent Data Mining Applications in Smart Grids”. This session has been organized in the scope of the Working Group on Intelligent Data Mining and Applications, of IEEE PES Intelligent Systems Sub-Committee, Chaired by Prof. Zita Vale from IPP.


   Presented Papers

Hugo Morais, Zita Vale, Pedro Faria, Sérgio Ramos

"Defining Electricity Tariffs Using the Knowledge About the Consumers Profiles in ELECON Project"


 Zita Vale, Sérgio Ramos, João M. Duarte, F. Jorge Duarte, Pedro Faria

"A Data Mining Framework for Electric Load Profiling"


Filipe Fernandes, Hugo Morais, Pedro Faria, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos

"SCADA House Intelligent Management for Energy Efficiency Analysis in Domestic Consumers"


Pedro Faria, Zita Vale, Pedro Antunes, Andre Souza

"Using Baseline Methods to Identify Non-technical Losses in the Context of Smart Grids"


Luis Augusto Martins Pereira, Luis Claudio Sugi Afonso, Joao Paulo Papa, Andre Nunes Souza, Zita A. Vale, Caio Cesar Oba Ramos, Danilo Sinkiti Gastaldello

"Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks Training Through Charged System Search and its Application for Non-Technical Losses Detection"

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