1st Workshop Agenda

1st ELECON WORKSHOP - "Toward Efficient Portuguese and Brazilian Electricity Markets" - Porto - 24 - 25 of September


24th of September 2013  

Location:                   ISEP, Auditorium H202


16:00                        Welcome and Opening, Zita Vale

16:20-17:30               Smart Grids I

                                   “Energy Resource Management in Smart Grids”, Marco Silva

                                   “Energy Resource Management in Smart Grids Considering an Intensive use of EVs”, Tiago Sousa

                                   “Simulating Electric Vehicles Travels in a Distribution Network”, João Soares

17:30-18:00               Coffee – Break

18:00-19:00               Smart Grids II

                                   “Power Distribution in Sub-Transmission Network with Distributed Generation”, Bruno Canizes

                                   “Non-technical losses in Brazil: subsidies for implementation of Smart-Grid”, Tiago Forti da Silva

                                   “Fuel Cell Systems as a Part of the Smart Grid”, Paul Bernstein

                                   “Demand Response – Opportunities and Challenges”, Pedro Faria


25th of September 2013

Location:                   ISEP, Auditorium H202              

14:30-16:15              Smart Grid Test Bed for Small and Medium Size Players

                                   “Smart Grid Test Bed Architecture and Platform”, Luís Gomes

                                   “Intelligent Management of Residential Electricity Consumption”, Filipe Fernandes

16:15-17:30              Data Collection and Knowledge Discovery in Power Systems

                                   “Electricity Market Data Extraction Tool“. Ivo Pereira

                                   “Data Quality Problems at the Instance Level”, Paulo Oliveira

                                   “Data Mining Applications in Energy and Power Systems”, Sérgio Ramos

17:30-18:00              Coffee – Break

18:00-19:00              Electricity Markets – Simulation and  Decision Support Tools

                                    “Simulation of Electricity Markets “, Isabel Praça 

                                    “An Electricity Market Simulator with Strategic Players”, Tiago Pinto

                                    “MASGriP – A Multi-Agent Smart Grid Simulation Platform”, Gabriel Santos

                                    “Ancillary Services Markets”, Tiago Soares

19:00                       End of workshop


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