3rd Workshop Agenda

3rd ELECON WORKSHOP - "Regulatory context of Smart Grids in Europe and Brazil: Current State and Trends" - Grenoble - 17-18 November 2015




Location:                G2ELAB (Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory) - Grenoble - France

     University of Grenoble - Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble  

     November 17-18, 2015



8:30                       Coffee

9:00                       Welcome and Opening

9:15                       Follow up of the ELECON Project, Zita Vale

10:00                     Paper session 1

                                Smart Grids in Brazil – A case study in São Luiz do Paraitinga, Saulo Moreira

                                Obstacles to energy storage deployment in Brazil, Antonio Faria

                                Solar intensity forecasting using hybrid fuzzy inference system, Tiago Pinto

                                Demand response in Brazil, Mariana Nau

                                State of the art of current demand response experiences, Irina Chychykina (Presented by Mariana Nau)

                                Solar Domestic Hot-Water Systems for reducing the on-peak consumption considering the time-of-use tariff in Brazil, Samuel Abreu by video-conference

12:30                     Lunch time

14:00                     Phd of Victor Gouin

                                Evaluation of the impact on Smart Grid Planification Practices in case of insertion of decentralised production and flexible charges”

15:45                     Scientific visit

17:00                     ELECON Coordination committee meeting (only for partner coordinators and their management team)

19:30                     Dinner of the meeting in a restaurant in Grenoble



9:00                       Regulatory context of smart grids in Europe and Brazil: current state and  trends: Scientific presentations and debate

                                Smart grids in Portugal: Regulatory state and future perspectives, Pedro Faria

                                Smart grids in France: Regulatory state and future perspectives Participation of Gaspard Lebel and Archie Battegay for France

                                Smart grids in Germany: Regulatory state and future perspectives, Contributions and participants are welcome Smart grids in Brazil: Regulatory state and future perspectives, Contributions and participants are welcome

                                Regulatory electricity market models, Tiago Pinto

                                Demand response models and practical implementation, Pedro Faria

                                Comparison of Wind Power Public Policies developed in Brazil and France, Claudia Lorena Garcia (to be confirmed)

10:30                     Paper session 2

                                The Grenoble PREDIS – Building platform: A living lab and experimental lab for the study of energy and comfort in Smart-Buildings, Benoit Delinchant 

                                Energy Saving Using Ceiling Fans in Environmental Comfort Systems, Inacio Bianchi, Antonio Faria

                                Joint linear modelling of the load demand and thermal behaviour of a smart building, Vincent Reinbold & Daniel Tenfen by video conference (to be confirmed)

12:30                     Lunch time

13:30                     Scientific visit of the G2ELAB

15:30                     ELECON project: Next steps 

16:30                     Closing of the workshop


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